Revised July 2019


One of the following requirements is necessary for membership: (revised format 2/10)

  1. Proof of a valid/active USGA Handicap Index, regardless of where it resides, with at least 10 scores resulting in an Indian Hills CC handicap of 42 or less. (revised 4/14) (Revised 1/17)
  2. Five or more adjusted 18-hole scores producing an index which results in an Indian Hills handicap of 42 or less. These scores must be attested to, dated within 9 months of presentation and turned in to the Pro Shop. (revised 4/14) (revised 1/17).
  3. At the discretion of the board, an honorary membership may be awarded to members who become unable to play due to disabilities or illnesses, but wish to remain involved with the activities of the group. Dues will not be charged. (new 03/14)
  4. A previous member without an active GA state GHIN will be ineligible for competition, but may retain their membership if they have been a member for 10 years. Dues will be assessed at 45% (rounded) of regular dues. (revised 2/6/2015)


  1. Only IHWGA Indian Hills Country Club members in good standing, according to Club policy, are eligible to play in any IHWGA events.
  2. All weekly tournaments shall be scheduled and supervised by the Tournament Committee.
  3. USGA rules will govern play with allowances for local rules and specific conditions laid down by the Tournament Committee.
  4. Members may be paired for all competitions (including regular play days and/or Major Tournaments) at a specified time. (revised 2/6/2015)
  5. All putts must be holed out unless otherwise instructed by the Tournament Committee.
  6. Requirements presented below under “Scorecards and Handicaps” apply. (revised 1/17 and 2/19)
  7. If unable to compete, online cancellation must be no later than the Sunday evening prior to Tuesday play day. If cancellation is necessary after this time period, a phone call should first be made to the play day hostess, then to the Pro Shop or Starter prior to your scheduled tee time. If such notice of cancellation does not occur, the Tournament Committee will: (revised 2/10)

1st offense--         Issue a warning

2nd offense--       Require member to play at end of the field on the next tee time play day

3rd offense--       Suspension of playing privileges for two consecutive play days

   H. For regular weekly play days, the ball will be played down unless cart path only has been designated, in which case, if your ball is in the fairway of the hole you are playing, you may lift, clean and place within one club length no             closer to the hole. Exceptions will be posted prior to play. Unless otherwise announced by the Tournament Committee, this rule WILL NOT APPLY for any Major Tournament. (revised 2/6/2015)


The following are considered Major Tournaments: The Handicap Tournament, the Johnnie Meyers Championship Tournament, Senior (and/or Super Senior) Tournament, Member Member, Member Guest, and Solheim Cup (added 2/2/16) (Revised 2/19 and 7/19).

  1. Scores for all Major Tournaments will be posted by either the Handicap Chairman, or someone appointed by the Handicap Chair. (Revised 2/2/2016)
  2. The format for all Major Tournaments shall be determined by the Tournament Committee.The Tournament Committee shall maintain a notebook of previous major tournaments.
  3. To be eligible to compete in the Handicap Tournament, the Johnnie Meyers Championship Tournament, Senior (and/or Super Senior) Tournament, or Member Member Tournament a member must have played a minimum of 3scheduled play days. Scheduled play days are considered IHWGA play days, Team Play events and Major Tournaments. (revised 2/2/16) (revised 2/2018)
  4. A maximum handicap allowance of 36 will be used for all Major tournaments (revised 1/27/17) (Revised 7/ 2019)
  5. HANDICAP ALLOWANCES (revised 2/6/2015)
    1. Section 9-4 of the USGA Handicap System Manual will be in place for any Major Tournament played as teams (i.e. Member Member, Member Guest, or Solheim Cup). Pursuant to Sec. 9-4, players will typically receive 95% of their course handicap. (revised 1/17 and 2/19)
    2. In addition, Section 9-4 recommends that when the format is Four Ball Stroke Play (aka best ball of two person team), if there is more than an eight stroke difference in course handicaps (after the 95% allowance is applied per Part (a) above) of the two members of a team, an additional 10% reduction should be applied to the handicap of each member of that team. For detailed instructions on how to calculate this reduction, refer to that section of the Manual and consult the Rules & Handicap Chairman. This additional 10% reduction will be enforced for any Major Tournament where Four Ball Stroke Play is the format for a complete 18-hole round. At the discretion of the Tournament Committee, with the idea to keep fairness across the field, this 10% reduction may or may not be applied where a player’s handicap has already been reduced because of the maximum 36 allowance. (Revised 7/2019)
  6. Players must wait for their scores to be accepted and posted on the scoreboard by the scoring professional for all major tournaments. (added 2/10)
  7. Each player may be assessed an entry fee for any of the Major Tournaments. (Revised 7/10)
  8. The qualifying age to compete in any Senior tournament (or division of a tournament) of the IHWGA shall be sixty-five (65). (added 2/6/2015)
  9. For reasons of pace of play, all players participating in a Major Tournament shall be required to ride in a golf cart.  Walking will not be permitted. (added 9/1/15)


  1. Scorecards for IHWGA tournaments shall be kept as follows:
    1. A scorecard shall be kept on each cart in the group.
    2. Cards must be dated and signed, with each player attesting to her own score.
    3. Players will receive a maximum handicap allowance of 39 for all tournaments and weekly play days (except for Major Tournaments where the maximum is 36). For posting scores in the GHIN system, a player should still apply her ESC maximum as required under USGA rules. (Rev. 1/17) (Revised 4/2018) (Revised 7/2019)
    4. A player who picks up on a hole will place an “X” by the score for the hole. The player is then not eligible for that competition unless otherwise stated by the Tournament Committee. However, players may still post birdies or ringers on holes completed. (I.E. PUTTED OUT) (Revised 3/13)
    5. Scorecards must be turned in to the Tournament Committee to be eligible for awards.
  2. Members must post all adjusted scores within one week, unless otherwise instructed by the Tournament Committee.
  3. Scores must be posted for all IHWGA related events, including but not limited to, Team Play, River North and Tara. (Revised 3/13)
  4. All competitors must turn in signed and dated scorecards to be eligible for awards in any IHWGA tournaments. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. (moved from Competition and added 2/10)


YEAR LONG MATCH PLAY (Added 2/6/2015)

Year Long Match Play (YLMP) is not an IHWGA sponsored event. It is a competition sponsored by IHCC and is open to the entire membership of the club. However, because many of our IHWGA members participate in this competition and we encourage more to do so, we will institute the following rules to accommodate those IHWGA members:

  1. An IHWGA member may play her YLMP match on any one of our regular play days (except those with shotgun start times, unless approved by the Weekly Tournament Chair), whether or not her opponent in the match is a member of IHWGA. The match must be scheduled in the last tee times of the field, unless approved by the Weekly Tournament Chair.
  2. Any IHWGA member playing her match on one of our play days is NOT eligible to compete in the regularly scheduled format for that play day or the player pool. Likewise, she may not participate in the Chip-In pot for that play day. She WILL be allowed to count her birdies for our year-long tallies and she may record ringers. She should report her birdies from the match directly to the Weekly Tournament Chair.


Cell phones must be in “silent” mode (and as a courtesy to other players preferably with vibration disabled) while on the course. Calls may be taken (ringer on silent) and returned only during the turn, unless a family emergency necessitates an immediate response. Cell phone users must alert other players in the group of this necessity. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a two-stroke penalty for the player whose cell phone interrupted, unduly delayed, or otherwise adversely impacted play of any player during all play day events and all Major Tournaments or loss of hole in a Match Play event. The penalty should be self-assessed but if not should be reported to the Committee by any member impacted by the infraction. If the parties involved do not agree whether the penalty should be assessed the decision will be made by the Committee of: (a) the IHWGA president, the Major Tournament Chair, and the Rules & Handicap Chair in the case of Major Tournaments; or (b) the IHWGA president, the Weekly Tournament Chair and the Rules & Handicap Chair in the case of Weekly Tournaments. (Revised 2/2/2016) (Revised 2/2018)


A hole-in-one payout shall be paid when the hole in one occurs on our home course (during a round that produces a postable score under USGA rules) and is witnessed. Each player who has joined the IHWGA Hole-in One Club is eligible to receive a payout. (revised 1/14) (revised 2/2018)


Players must keep up with the group in front of them. If the marshal, after one warning, asks the group to pick up their balls and move to the next hole (at 2 holes behind), players must immediately do so. Each player must place an “X” on that hole on the scorecard and record their most likely score or their handicap maximum (whichever is less) for that hole for posting purposes. This may result in disqualification from the tournament depending on the tournament format and as ruled by the Tournament Committee (i.e. stroke play=DQ; quota format = no DQ but no points on that hole). (Revised 2/2018)

UNDERAGE GUESTS (added 2/6/2015)

Our parties and other events held in connection with some of our tournaments (specifically, the Member Guest tournament) typically involve serving and/or providing alcoholic beverages both before, during, and after the tournament. For liability purposes the IHWGA cannot assume the risk, nor would want to put such risk on an individual member, of allowing underage guests to participate.   Our own Constitution imposes a minimum age requirement of 21 to be a member of the IHWGA. For these reasons, the IHWGA will not allow anyone under the legal drinking age to participate in such tournaments.


For all competitions (including tournaments and regular play days), a player may obtain distance information by using a distance-measuring device. The device must not be used for any purposes that are prohibited by USGA Rule 14-3 (as revised 1/1/2016), including but not limited to:

  • The gauging or measuring of slope.
  • The gauging or measuring of other conditions that might affect play (e.g. wind speed or direction).
  • Recommendations that might assist the player in making a stroke or in her play (e.g. club selection, type of shot to be played, green reading or any other advice-related matter).
  • Calculating the effective distance between two points based on elevation changes or other conditions affecting shot distance.
  • A multi-functional device such as a smartphone or PDA may be used as a distance measuring device, but it must not be used to gauge or measure other conditions where doing so would be a breach of Rule 14-3.

Penalty for breach of rule is 2 strokes in Stroke Play and Loss of Hole in Match Play. Subsequent breach is disqualification.


For all IHWGA competitions (including tournaments and regular play days), the following structures will be deemed to be “immovable obstructions”:

  1. split rail “hitching post-type” wooden structures used by grounds keepers to direct traffic flow
  2. permanent 4x4 wooden posts and ropes adjacent to the cart paths (i.e. Choctaw #8, Choctaw #9 and Seminole #2). Relief will be governed by USGA Rule 24-2


The IHWGA will NOT adopt the USGA’s optional Local Rule E-5 for the alternative relief option in the case of a lost or out of bounds ball. Accordingly, the relief options in these situations will remain as they are presented in USGA Rule 18-2. This is in accordance with the IHCC Local Rules that did not adopt this optional new local rule.


Members will adhere to official Indian Hills Country Club policy.

AWARDS FOR WEEKLY PLAY DAYS (title revised 2/6/2015)

  1. Player breaking 100, 90, 80 or 70 for the first time will receive an award.   Scores may be counted as long as from a stipulated round played at IHCC, witnessed by another IHWGA member, and all holes were putted out. The player must notify the Weekly Tournament Chairperson. (Revised 2/2018 and 2/19)
  2. Ringer Awards shall be presented each year to the player in each flight attaining the lowest gross score on the ringer card. Flights will be based on handicaps as of the final revision date. The Tournament Committee shall determine the winners.
  3. A “Birdie Award” shall be presented each year to the players in their flight making the most birdies for the year in IHWGA scheduled tournaments. The Tournament Committee shall determine the flights and the winners. (revised 2/19)
  4. A “Putting Award” shall be presented to the player(s) with the lowest average of putts as percentage of total score. Only certain designated weekly play days and the Handicap/Championship tournament(s) scores will be counted. To be eligible to win you must have played in at least 3 of these designated rounds. The tournament committee shall determine the flights and winners for this award. (added 2/19)
  5. An optional chip in box will be available at the Starter Shack. The cost is $1.00 and must be paid prior to play. All players who chip in from off the green will split the pot for that day. In case of suspension of play in which the Tournament Committee determines it is a shortened event, the holes of the shortened event will be considered. If the play day is cancelled or there is no chip in, the pot will carry over. (revised 2/10)
  6. Each member is given the opportunity to choose, when signing up for membership, whether she elects to participate in a Player’s Pool for the entire year. If she elects to participate in the pool, the specified amount (disclosed on the Membership form) will be charged to her IHCC account for each eligible play day played. (Revised 2/2/2016) The pool from each play day is allocated among that day’s winners. Results are accumulated and paid out to the winners at least twice a year, usually once in July and once in November or December. If a member discontinues her membership with IHCC, she may contact the Weekly Tournament Chairperson to arrange an early credit of any accumulated winnings in her account. (Added 2/6/2015)

“ROOKIE OF THE YEAR” AWARD (Added 2/2018; revised 11/1/18)

At the discretion of the Board, this award may be presented at the closing meeting/luncheon to the most improved player that otherwise does not qualify for the Debbie Austin Most Improved Award.  The recipient must have had an established USGA-recognized handicap (18 or 9 hole) as of November 1 of the prior year.


To honor this inspirational founder of the IHWGA, the Championship Tournament will be renamed as the Johnnie Meyers Championship Tournament. The bronze trophy will be engraved with the name of each year’s tournament champion and she will be allowed to take this trophy home as a traveling trophy and return it to the trophy case prior to the following year’s tournament. The permanent Crystal trophy will be engraved and remain in the IHCC trophy case.



The following suggestions will be the standard, but not limited to Sunshine acknowledgements from the IHWGA Membership: Flowers and card will be sent to the family upon the passing of an IHWGA member; A plant and card will be sent to the hospital for an IHWGA member that has surgery; A card and remembrance gift will be sent to an IHWGA member upon the passing of a spouse or child; A sympathy card will be sent to an IHWGA member upon the passing of a family member.

BUDGET (added 2/6/2015)

  1. The IHWGA shall maintain a Long-Term Capital Reserve Fund to accumulate funds to be held in reserve for the purpose of replacing and/or purchasing Award Plaques and Trophies as they are needed. An amount of $83.00 from each year’s annual budget will go to fund that year’s contribution to the fund. The purpose of funding this reserve is to prevent future major expenditures for such items having to be covered by a single year’s budget
  2. The annual budget of IHWGA will be set to end up with a carryover amount to the next year in the amount of $500.00 in General Funds, in addition to the $83.00 annual funding of the Long-Term Capital Reserve Fund. (revised Feb 2019)


The standing rules may be amended or revised at any time by a vote of the Board. A majority of the nine members of the Board must approve the change.