March through October we play matches against teams from other clubs, one match at their course and one at ours. The format is Nassau. The team includes two women from each of the following groups: A (0-17.5 hdcp index), B (15-25 hdcp index), C (23.6-34.6 hdcp index). Cart fees must be paid. Lunch is optional.

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 Away Team Home Team  Date  Time 
  Indian Hills   Big Canoe     Friday, March 22  11:00 AM
  Big Canoe    Indian Hills   Thursday, March 28  10:00 AM
  Woodmont    Indian Hills    Friday, April 12    9:30 AM

  Indian Hills

  Woodmont   Thursday, April 18    9:30 AM
  Indian Hills   Crystal Falls   Monday, May 13    9:30 AM
  Crystal Falls   Indian Hills   Thursday May 16    9:30 AM
  Brookfield   Indian Hills   Wednesday, June 12    9:30 AM
  Indian Hills   Brookfield   Thursday, June 20    9:30 AM
  Indian Hills   Eagle Watch   Wednesday, July 17    9:30 AM
  Eagle Watch   Indian Hills   Thursday, July 25    9:30 AM
  Brookstone   Indian Hills   Tuesday, August 13    9:30 AM
   Indian Hills   Brookstone   Friday, August 23    9:30 AM
  Indian Hills   Cartersville   Wednesday, September 11    9:30 AM
  Cartersville   Indian Hills   Thursday, September 26    9:30 AM
  Year End Tournament   Crystal Falls   Monday, October 7   TBD



Interclub Rating and Slopes

Big Canoe:

Creek/Choctaw:   68.4/122

Creek/Cherokee: 67.9/117

Brookfield: 70.4/127

Brookstone: 69.8/126

Cartersville: 70.0/118

Crystal Falls: 68.8/127

Eagle Watch: 70.0/127

Indian Hills:

Cherokee/Seminole: 71.9/125

Choctaw/Cherokee: 73.0/129

Seminole/Choctaw: 71.9/130

Woodmont: 70.7/126


TeamPlay Results as of 08282019