2019 Indian Hills Ladies Year Long Match Play

We would like to thank you all for signing up for the 2019 Ladies Year Long Match Play Event. It is going to be another great year. Each year we have great matches and new friendships come about. This year will be no different. We will again recognize 6 finalists: the Champion, Runner Up and 2 Semi Finalists in the Main Bracket and the Winner and Runner up in the Consolation Bracket. We have 31 participants this year –a great turnout! The bracket is for 32, so last year’s winner, Julie Bartholomew, will receive a bye in the first round.

The Committee decided on a random draw again this year.


Click Here for Match Play Rules


Click here to print a copy of Main Draw Bracket 

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 2019 Ladies YL Matchplay 4th Rnd

2019 Ladies YL Matchplay Cons 4th Round




Rules for the IHCC Women’s Match Play <-- Click here to print

  1. We will be playing off the low handicap. If player A has a 10 course handicap and player B has a 20, then player A will play even and Player B will get a stroke on the 1-10 handicap holes.
  2. You must play to a course handicap of 36.  If your index is 34.0 you are eligible to play but your course handicap will be higher than a 36. You will still have to play to a course handicap of 36 (maximum). 
  3. Please verify your handicap prior to each of your matches. 
  4. Both players are responsible for contacting each other as soon as possible to set up the match. Be proactive. Everyone is busy and/or traveling. The match will be determined by a flip of the coin if it is not played within the time frame designated for that round. All decisions by the committee will be final.  It is not fair to those in the next round when matches are not played within the time frame so please respect the dates for each round.
  5. You are guaranteed 2 matches.  Should you lose your first round match you will then move to the Consolation Round.  The consolation round begins after the first round is completed.  The Bye in the first round is to be considered a first match.
  6. Match Play rules will apply.  Please read over the rules as match play rules can differ from stroke play rules.  The new rules allow you to play “ready golf” in the match play format.  You can honor the leader on the tee and closest around the green, but play ready golf in the fairway.  Here is a link showing a few of the new match play changes: https://golfweek.com/2019/03/25/match-play-rules-of-golf/
  7. Match, holes and strokes may be conceded; once a concession has been made it cannot be rescinded or refused.
  8. Based on course conditions, the players may determine if they will use preferred lies. Both players must agree otherwise play the ball down.
  9. The Match Play Committee will NOT adopt the USGA’s optional Local Rule E-5 for the alternative relief option in the case of a lost or out of bounds ball. Accordingly, the relief options in these situations will remain as they are presented in USGA Rule 18-2. This is in accordance with the IHCC Local Rules that did not adopt this optional new local rule.
  10. Please e-mail the results with scores to us at matchplay@ihwga.org as soon as possible after completing the match.
  11. After you post your scores, give your card to Carolyn or Julie or send us a picture at matchplay@ihwga.org.
  12. The first 3 rounds SHALL BE POSTED AS REGULAR SCORES. The SEMI FINALS and FINALS shall be posted as TOURNAMENT (T) SCORES 
  13. If your match ends before the eighteenth hole and you continue to play the remaining holes, then post your score as played.  If you don’t play the remaining holes, post par plus any handicap strokes you would normally receive on that hole. Mark your card as an “x 5” for example. If you would normally receive a stroke on a par 4.  This is different from past years.



The matches should be completed by the following dates:


                                   MAIN DRAW

First Round               June 23

Second Round          August 4

Third Round             September 8

Semi Finals                October 6

Finals                         November 3


First Round               August 4

Second Round         September 8

Semi Finals               October 6

Finals                         November 3

Note:  It is okay to have a third round match finished before the second round deadline.  In other words, play as soon as possible.  If both opponents are through to the next round, do not delay in scheduling your next match. 

There is a lot of information above.  Don’t let it be daunting.  Have fun.  Play well and meet your deadlines. 

Any questions?  Call Carolyn Swart or Julie Riley, your Match Play Committee.

Carolyn Swart                                   Julie Riley

678-523-6361                                   404-403-4538

Now let’s play some great golf!  Good Luck.



Handicaps ESC
0 - 9  Double Bogey
10 - 19 7
20 - 29 8
30 - 39 9



Main Draw

Champion         Julie Bartholomew

Runner Up       LuAnn Warrick

Semi Finalist    Preeya Lounsbury

Semi Finalist    Mary Bowmaster


Winner             Mary Kay Harris

Runner Up       Sue Marshall 



Main Draw            

Champion           Martha Ahn

Runner Up          Lisa Smith   


Winner                Stacy Bean

Runner Up          Bonnie Capsuto



Main Draw

Champion  Lisa Smith       

Runner Up  Kathy Menechino

Semi Finalist       Mary Bowmaster

Semi Finanlist     Julie Riley



Winner          Martha Ahn

Runner Up    Stacy Bean


Main Draw

Chamion           Nita Fitzgerald

Runner Up        Lisa Smith

Semi Finalists   Mary Bowmaster and Kathy Menechino


Winner              Julie Riley

Runner Up        Judy Boyce



Main Draw

Champion Kathy Menechino

Runner Up Sue Marshall

Semi Finalist  Nita Fitzgerald and Bonnie Revoner


Winner Julie Riley

Runner Up Val Ashton



Main Draw
Champion        Debby Kayden            
Runner Up       Carolyn Swart
Semi Finalist    Lisa Smith and Dawn Miceli

Winner          Cyndi Zack
Runner Up    LuAnn Warrick


Main Draw    
Champion        Tori Nichols
Runner Up       Val Ashton
Semi Finalist    Lisa Smith and Dawn Miceli

Winner          Mary Bowmaster
Runner Up    Lori Holibaugh


Main Draw
Champion        Cec Aronson
Runner Up       Julie Riley
Semi Finalist    Stacy Bean and Sue Marshall

Winner          Mary Bowmaster
Runner Up    Julie Bartholomew


Main Draw
Champion       Julie Riley
Runner Up      Carolyn Swart
Semi Finalist    LuAnn Warrick and Jessica Milhous

Winner          Abbey Williams
Runner Up    Bonnie Revoner

Main Draw    
Champion    Carolyn Swart
Runner Up    Lisa Smith

Main Draw
Champion    Carolyn Swart
Runner Up   Sue Marshall

Main Draw
Champion    Julie Riley
Runner Up    Tori Nichols