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The name of the organization shall be Indian Hills Women’s Golf Association, hereafter referred to as IHWGA.


The purpose of the association shall be to promote and encourage women’s golf and to provide an organized 18-hole golf program.



Any woman, age 21 or older, who has a golfing membership in the Indian Hills Country Club is eligible for initial membership in the IHWGA upon payment of the association’s annual dues, and upon meeting the maximum handicap requirement of 42 and providing proof of such handicap as specified in the Standing Rules of the IHWGA. (revised 1/17)


Membership may be renewed yearly by payment of dues.


Lapsed memberships of one or more golfing seasons may be re-established by meeting the initial joining requirements. (Revised 01/17)


After August 1st of each season, membership in the IHWGA may be obtained by payment of half (½) of the annual dues.

ARTICLE IV – THE BOARD (revised 9/19)


The governing body of the IHWGA shall be composed of 5 members elected from the membership to serve 2 years each. Membership on the Board shall be staggered with the 3 or 2 senior members rotating off at the expiration of their 2-year term, replaced by 2 or 3 newly elected members.


A Nominating Committee shall be selected by the Board by September 15th of each year. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall be a member of the Board, excluding the President. The Board shall then pick two additional people from the general membership to serve on the Nominating Committee, along with the chairman. Each of the three members of the nominating committee shall come from a different flight of the IHWGA. The nominating committee shall compile a proposed slate of nominees to fill vacancies on the Board for the next year. Members having been off the board for one year may be considered for a position on the Board. The nominated President shall come from the eligible members of the current Board, but if none of those are able or willing to serve, the nominee may come from the general membership as long as such nominee has served on the Board within the last five years. By October 1st, the nominating committee shall present its preliminary list of nominees to the Board for approval. After approval by the Board, the nominating committee shall approach the nominees for their consent to serve. The final list of nominees shall be posted on the IHWGA website and in the locker room by October 15th. Additional nominations may be made by the association members by submitting to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee the name of said nominee, with her permission. Nominations shall be closed by October 31st. In the event of additional nominations, the names of the candidates shall be posted no less than 2 weeks prior to the last meeting of IHWGA. (revised 9/19)


The vote to approve the nominations for the following year shall take place at the final meeting of the IHWGA membership, usually the year-end Awards Luncheon. The persons receiving the highest number of votes shall be deemed elected. In case of a tie, a blind draw between those tied will determine the elected member.


New board members shall assume their duties January 1st and serve a 2-year term. The Treasurer is required to serve in the same position for a 2-year term.


Should a vacancy occur on the Board during the year, such vacancy shall be filled by a person elected by the Board, an exception being the Presidency, which shall be filled by the Vice-President. Such person shall fill the remaining portion of the term of the board member whom she replaced. Vacancies may require a redistribution of positions on the board. Persons filling such vacancies may be nominated for election to the following year’s term, provided they do not serve more than one year as a replacement. (revised 2/10)


A member of the Board may be removed by a unanimous vote of the remaining 4 members.


A general meeting of the IHWGA membership shall be held prior to the first play day each year. There shall be another general meeting at the close of the season and at such other times as the Board may deem necessary. (revised 2/15)


All competitions of the IHWGA shall be played in accordance with the rules of golf as adopted by the USGA with the exception of local rules, IHWGA standing rules, and any special conditions laid down by the Tournament Committee. All disputed points shall be decided by the Tournament Committee and our Golf Professional who shall interpret the rules of golf. (revised 2/15)


The Debbie Austin Award will be presented each year to the most improved golfer. The award will be based on the GSGA computation of the most improved golfer. To be eligible for this award a player must have been a member of the IHWGA the previous season and from the beginning of the playing season of the year in which the scores are computed. The computation will begin with the November 1st revision date of the previous season and end on the November 1st revision date of the current season. (Revised 2/14 and 9/19)