The Board shall meet prior to the opening meeting of the IHWGA general membership and thereafter as deemed necessary by the President.  Board meetings shall be open to the general membership.  A member must submit a request if she wishes to attend and/or address the Board; however, members other than the Board do not have voting privileges.



The Board shall be comprised of four officers plus the five chairmen of the Standing Committees.  New Board members shall assume their duties January 1 and serve a 2-year term.  The Treasurer is required to serve in the same position for a 2-year term.




The officers of the Board are:


President – Must have served on the Board for at least one year within the last three years, but can only have served one of the immediately preceding two years.  The President may not serve two consecutive terms as President.

  • Calls and presides over meetings of the Board and general meetings of the IHWGA.
  • Responsible for updating the Constitution, By Laws, and Standing Rules with all properly approved changes and, in addition to the Secretary, maintains a record of all approved changes.
  • Represents the IHWGA on all boards and committees pertaining to women’s golf.
  • Appoints special committees and chairmen as the business of the IHWGA requires.
  • Appoints a chairman to be responsible for the yearly Member Guest Tournament.
  • Attends or appoints someone to attend the IHCC new member mixer.
  • Appoints one member from the general membership to audit the Treasurer’s books after the close of each year and prior to any new person taking over the Treasurer position.
  • Organizes or appoints someone to organize the Kick Off meeting and the Year End Awards Luncheon.
  • In the absence of the Treasurer, may write and sign checks, deposit or withdraw funds for purposes of the IHWGA.


  • Assists the President in fulfilling her duties.
  • Serves as President in the absence of the President.
  • Should a vacancy occur in the office of the President, the Vice-President shall become President for the remainder of that term.
  • Serves as chairman of the Member-Member Tournament.
  • Ensures that pictures are taken at all Major Tournaments and other events of the IHWGA.
  • Ensures that someone keeps the IHWGA scrapbook up to date.
  • Appoints an IHWGA representative to the River North Golf Board.
  • Appoints an IHWGA representative for the TARA golf association.
  • Serves as website liaison to work with the Website committee to ensure that the website of the IHWGA is kept current.


  • Keeps minutes of all meetings of the Board and the Association.
  • Maintains an up-to-date email address list for all members.
  • Serves as a resource for sending communications to the membership.
  • Submits information about IHWGA activities for publication in the IHCC Totem Scroll.
  • Organizes and keeps the bulletin board current.
  • Maintains a book with a current copy of the Constitution, By Laws, and Standing Rules along with documentation of all revisions and additions during her term.  This book shall be passed on to her successor to serve as an archive resource.

Treasurer – 

  • Serves a two-year term as treasurer.
  • Responsible for all money of the IHWGA.
  • Works with the President and the Board to set the proposed budget for the year.
  • Presents the proposed budget to the IHWGA membership for vote at the Kick Off Meeting.
  • Responsible for the IHWGA Hole-in-One Club.
  • Closes the books as soon as possible after the close of the year, but no later than January 31st and has complete and accurate books ready for the year-end audit.



The Standing Committees that are part of the voting Board are:



  • Responsible for membership signup.
  • Coordinates with the Handicap and Rules Chairman regarding New Member Handicaps. (REV. 01/17)
  • Keeps an up to date list of all member data compiled from the membership forms.
  • Coordinates with the Treasurer regarding membership dues collection.
  • Maintains an up to date list of member contact information and provides this to the Board on a regular basis.
  • Prepares the IHWGA annual member handbook and has copies printed and distributed to all members as soon as practical, but no later than 45 days after our first play day.
  • Ensures that the IHWGA membership is notified of any new members joining after the annual handbook was published.
  • Ensures that all new members are welcomed and integrated into the organization.

Team Play-

  • Represents IHWGA in the Team Play association.
  • Arranges play dates and secures the players for Team Play competitions.
  • Tracks Team Play results and presents Team Play awards at the Year End Awards Luncheon.
  • Serves as overall coordinator of the Team Play association (with duties as detailed in the Team Play rules) in years when Indian Hills is the designated Host of Team Play.  This includes planning that year’s finale Team Play tournament event to be hosted by Indian Hills.

The Tournament Committee-

The Tournament Committee shall be comprised of the following three positions, each with a separate vote on the Board.

Weekly Tournament Chairman.  She shall supervise all weekly play day events.  She may appoint her own committee for aide and assistance.

Major Tournament Chairman.  She shall supervise the Handicap Tournament and the Senior Ladies and Championship Tournaments.  She may appoint her own committee for aide and assistance.

Handicap and Rules Chairman.  She shall be responsible for monitoring handicaps for all members/New Members and for advice on the rules of golf for all competitions.  She is responsible for advising in the planning of competitions, promoting knowledge of and adherence to the rules of golf among the membership, and is responsible for the Debbie Austin Most Improved Golfer award. (REV. 01/17)




The Board shall appoint chairmen from within the Board or from the general membership for special non-voting committee positions that might arise during the year.  Voting rights shall be restricted to the nine member Board.




This constitution and by-laws may be amended or revised at any time by the following procedure:

1. A proposed amendment or revision must be posted at least 2 weeks prior to a meeting of the IHWGA.

2. A majority vote of the members present.




1. All actions of the Board shall be subject to approval and ratification by Club Management.  Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.

2. All approved amendments and revisions shall have the date and the meeting in which the approval was voted on and passed.

3. A copy of all proposed and approved amendments and revisions shall be kept by the Secretary and the President.