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Indian Hills Women’s Golf Association 2019

Welcome to the Indian Hills Women’s Golf Association (IHWGA).  We are an active organization with many events planned that you will certainly enjoy.  

Our play days are generally on Tuesday each week.  We begin our season in March and play through November.  You are not required to play each and every week.  Play as often as your schedule permits.  Look over our calendar for a complete list of all events scheduled for this year.  Several events that you will not want to miss are our annual Member/Member tournament and our Member/Guest tournament.  Included in this packet is a description of our special tournaments.  We hope you will join right in. You will find a calendar of all of our different events on our website at www.ihwga.org.

In addition to our weekly play days and special tournaments, we have other opportunities to play golf.  Joining our River North, TARA and Team Play groups will allow you to play at other golf clubs.  Information on these groups has been included as well.

You will find that we are a fun and diverse group of women.  Our handicaps range from the single digits to a maximum 42 Course Handicap.  Most of the time you can pick your own tee time and choose your playing partners.  However, there are occasions when the format needs to be flighted, and you will be paired accordingly.  

More than anything, our association is about relationships.  You will meet new friends, enjoy friendly competition and socializing.  So step out, introduce yourself and make a new friend or two this season.

We look forward to introducing you to our members.  Please give one of us a call.  We will be happy to answer any questions, and get you started playing golf.  


Cyndi Zack                                                Donna Donnon
Membership Chairperson                         President
770-906-0431                                           404-668-6907

Membership@ihwga.org                          President@ihwga.org


Here is some additional and helpful information:


  • One of the following requirements is necessary for membership:
  1. Proof of a valid/active USGA Handicap Index, regardless of where it resides, with at least 10 scores resulting in an Indian Hills CC handicap of 42 or less.
  2. Five or more adjusted 18 hole scores producing an index which results in an Indian Hills handicap of 42 or less. These scores must be attested to, dated within 9 months of presentation and turned in to the Pro Shop.
  • Membership dues are currently $75 and are paid annually.
  • Each member will receive a Member Booklet that will include names and contact information of current members, play day and tournament schedule, plus additional pertinent and useful information.


  • Play days are generally defined as a Tuesday play date.  
  • Play day adjusted scores should be entered into the GHIN system promptly after play but no later than one week after the date played.  Each player is responsible for her own entry.
  • Upcoming play day sign up schedules are listed on the website at www.ihwga.org (click on Tournaments and then Play Day sign-up) where you can pick and choose your playing schedule.  Online sign up is available four weeks in advance.  If you are not able to sign up online, please call our Tournament Chairs for availability.
  • If you cannot play the day you are scheduled, please cancel as soon as you can.  There are others that may be able to fill your place, and your tee time partners will not have to play with one less player for that day.  You can cancel online through Sunday evening before the Tuesday play day.  After that, please make a phone call to the play day Chairperson to cancel.  If you cannot reach her, please call the pro shop or the starter. If you must cancel on the morning of the play day you should call the pro shop or the starter.
  • Each play day has a different format that will be made available to each participant before the beginning of play. When you submit your membership form you can elect to participate in a play day betting pool for the entire season for a cost of $2 for each play day you play.
  • There is an optional $1.00 ‘chip in’ box at the Starter Shack.  If you chip in off of the green during that day’s play, you win the pot.  However, there may be more than one person who chips in.  If this happens, the pot is split.
  • You will be responsible for signing and attesting your scorecard and turning it in at the end of play in the ladies’ locker room.
  • Also, at the end of the play day, there will be tallying sheets for that day’s tournament in the ladies’ locker room.  There is always someone there to help you fill out the sheets correctly.
  • Most of the playing field that day stays for lunch in the dining room upstairs.  Please join us.


Besides our regular play days, we have several tournaments throughout the year. Below is a brief description of each:

  • Member Guest Tournament - This is a tournament where you can invite one to three guests to play in a fun packed golf event.  This tournament is filled with practice rounds, wagering party the night before, breakfast, many contests during the round, lunch and prizes afterwards.  This is the tournament where we ‘show off’ our Club.
  • Member-Member Tournament- A two-day event where two IHWGA members pair up with each other to win gross or net awards.
  • Handicap/Championship Tournament – This is a two-day tournament.  Handicaps are used up to a maximum of 39. Winners are based on gross scores for Championship and net scores for Handicap.


Team Play

  • Team Play is an inter-club organization of which we are a member.  Currently there are 8 clubs, including Indian Hills, which participate each year.  Team Play’s mission is to allow the clubs to compete amongst each other while allowing players to play other area courses for a minimal fee.  Each club’s team consists of two A, two B and two C players.  Each group competes against the opponent clubs’ A, B, and C players.  There are two matches per month with each club, one at Indian Hills, one at the opponent’s club. The format is Four Ball-Match Play with scoring based on 1 point for winning the most holes on the front nine, 1 point awarded for the back nine and 1 point for winning the overall.  Total possible points for each group is 3 points.   A cumulative score is kept to determine the winner for the overall club competition.  There is an end of season tournament and banquet where the winning club is recognized.   Team play is a fun way to meet other golfers and compete on some the best courses in the metro area.     

River North

  • IHWGA and six other clubs play once a month for fun and prizes. The tournament format is flighted so you play with other ladies of your skill level. Anyone with a GHIN number and handicap index of 36.9 or less is qualified to join. Dues are $25 for the season.  On the day of play, you pay $50 which includes cart fees and lunch.


  • TARA is an inter-club golf tournament held monthly using the quota/points/flighted format.  The 7 clubs of TARA play 4 tournaments per year.  The fee is $5.00 plus $20 cart fee. Lunch is on your own.  The maximum handicap is 40 and each tournament is flighted by handicap.  Guests may be invited as long as they have a valid handicap of 40.  Member and guest are not guaranteed to play together.


At the end of the year, we have our Awards Luncheon where we recognize many individuals for their efforts.

  • Ringer Awards - Each player has a Ringer Card (these are in the ladies’ locker room) that captures your best score on each hole in the 3 different rotations at Indian Hills.  Each week you enter your best score and at year’s end the best round recorded will be recognized.
  • Breaking 100, 90 and 80 - Eligible for any 18 hole round played at IHCC and witnessed by another IHWGA member and all putts were holed out. This recognition is for the “first” time you break any of these milestones.  At the Awards Luncheon, you will be recognized for this achievement.
  • Most Birdies Awards – Each play day and tournament, you will record any birdies during your round.  At the Awards Luncheon, the ladies with the most birdies in each flight will be recognized.
  • Hole In One Club - If you desire to belong to the Hole In One club, a $5 fee will be deducted from your account each time an IHWGA member makes a hole-in-one.  It does not have to be on a play day, but has to be done at Indian Hills for the funds to be paid out.  The pot refreshes each time an IHWGA member makes a qualifying hole in one.
  • Debbie Austin Award – This award is presented each year to the Most Improved Golfer of the IHWGA by comparing the handicap index as of November 1 of the prior year and current year. You must have been an IHWGA member the prior year.

At this luncheon, we also recognize our Senior Handicap winner, Handicap winner and Championship winner again.  This is a nice way to end the year!


Our golf season ends in November, but our socializing does not!  We have a Holiday Party in someone’s home every year in December.  You cannot imagine how much food is there.  This is a very fun party and hardly anyone misses this one.  Also, from November until our league starts again, we have a bowling league on Tuesday mornings. This way we still get to hang out with our golf friends in the cold, winter months. Ask anyone who bowls how much fun we have.


If all of this information is still not enough, please visit our website at www.ihwga.org.  It is suggested that you look over our Constitution, By Laws, Standing Rules and Local Rules.  This information will be helpful in many ways.  In this packet, we have just highlighted some of this information.  

Handicap Fundamentals & Posting Procedures & Posting Procedures CLICK HERE TO READ AND PRINT